(Don’t have time to read this article right now? Jump to the bottom and add to Pocket an Iphone/Android app that reads articles to you. Click here to jump to the bottom.) I’ve been replying to a lot of Public Relations (PR) requests on (HARO) Help A Reporter Out for my shop, Affordable Coin Shop.  Please feel free […]

Past & Present You’re in charge of the mail for a newly-independent country following a brutal war and an extended time of chaos. You need to create stamps as soon as possible, but most of the paper was used in the war. What do you do? This was exactly the problem that Latvia faced after […]

Past & Present Metal detectorists come across many unusual items from bygone ways of life on their expeditions. Spindle whorls are common, as are shoe buckles. One of the most interesting items, though, are coin weights. Coin weightswere used for centuries to ensure the quality of precious metal coinage, almost always for the larger denominations […]

Past & Present Sometimes ordinary days become days that change history. And often, it’s the ordinary people who do the changing. On the morning of November 7, 1907, a railroad brakeman named Jesús Garcia Corona went to work, as usual. He worked on the train line that ran between Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico, and Douglas, Arizona; […]

Past & Present On August 2, 1909 people began lining up to get their hands on the freshly minted Lincoln Cent that was to replace the Indian Head Cent.  There was such demand for this coin because it was the first American coin to feature a real historical person on its obverse, and Abraham Lincoln […]

Past & Present We use coins constantly, even if half of them disappear into the couch cushions. But think about it — who designed the images on these coins that we’re so familiar with? Sometimes coins are designed with the artistic qualities in mind – and sometimes not. In the early 20th century, the nickel, […]

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