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#HomeChef $50 Trial #Givaway: Let your inner chef out! @jgreenhood @OldSouthMk #Food #Family

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I’ve been using Home Chef off & on for about a year. One of the reasons I liked them is great fresh products and the recipes were more suitable towards my husband’s pallet. I’m certainly no Pam Satterfield Dubilier who is a really awesome chef who owns Vital Flair,…

#BloggerOpp ~ The #HomeChef #Giveaway @Jgreenhood @OldSouthMk

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Blogger Opp ~ Home Chef $50 Giveaway (Free) I have 9 $50 Home Chef trials and they’ve been just sitting there. So why not do a giveaway and make someone’s day. By the way, you guys can enter too! There are no losers in this giveaway as…

Cleaning Coins

Do not do this at home! Yes, I am a firm believer in not cleaning your coins but, it is fun to see what happens when some one does.

Oh No! Stamp Price Increase!

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     Bad news everyone!      Well, it doesn’t actually impact my blog readers as I don’t think I have many Irish followers who are also snail mail enthusiasts (although if you are one, let me know!), but I am an Irish girl who loves sending mail so this…

The Silver Lining

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Silver is one of the precious metals, and for years it has held a lot of value globally. Be it in Indian culture with silver coins or European culture with silverware at the dinner table – silver has always been a mark of prestige, class and good taste. But did you…

Stamp of approval

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Yesterday, J surprised me with first day of issue covers of two US postage stamps commemorating Henry David Thoreau: one issued in 1967, and the other issued this year. The stamp from 1967 is ugly as sin–its designer managed to make an admittedly homely fellow look even worse–but this year’s…

Coins Of The Realms

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My coin collection started innocently and modestly enough, with a few older Canadian coins. Then, as described in my ‘Penny, lira, etc.’ post, I was tricked into collecting foreign coins. Slowly but steadily, over the (many) years, I’ve added coins to both groups, till now I don’t count my…