About Us

Originally we started as a collectible shop in New Hampshire as J & S Stamps selling various collectibles. It was started by Bea Greenhood in the early 80’s mostly selling sports cards. In 1992, Bob Greenhood sold his businesses, Contour Marketing. This is when Bea & her husband Bob decided to move to Florida and continue their business.

They opened a shop in Homosassa but in 1994, the bottom fell out on sports cards and the switch to coins was made. At that time, they decided to close the store and do markets & shows. The economy started to lull and the shop was closed till about 1997 when Bob decided to start up again but as Old South Marketing.

In 2001 the offer to buy Wade’s Coins in Crystal River, FL. It was at this time that Jessica, their daughter, joined in and the 3 of them bought Wade’s Coins. At this time, they had 2 storefronts the new Crystal River shop and the one in Dunnellon. As the business improved in Crystal River the one in Dunnellon was closed down. 

In 2004, Jessica took a leave of absence to explore other avenues but returned to the business in 2008.

In 2005 or 2006 Bob & Bea moved the business to the lovely downtown area of Inverness.

Due to Arthritis, Bob was not able to come into the shop less and less. In April of 2012 Bea ended up in the emergency room with a burst ulcer of the stomach. With Bob still recovering from a double knee surgery. By far 2012 was the most difficult year for the shop or so we thought. With both Bea & Bob in and out of the hospitals throughout 2012 and no systems in place, we were forced to once again closed down our store front but operated online till about June of 2013.

We had to temporarily close down the website due to management issues from June of 2013 through February of 2014. Although Bob passed away in January of 2014, Bea is doing well but due to the toll from being sick will not be back in the shop.

We’ve learned a lot of things over the years and due to the bad managing we still have a lot of hurdles to jump over. We’ve been working hard at moving parts of the business that were held under Bob’s name and not the shop, but some parts are proving to be more difficult than others. We will always be in a state of changing and working to improve to serve the numismatic community better. Your feedback negative or positive is always welcomed.


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