Oh No! Stamp Price Increase!

Puddleside Musings

     Bad news everyone!

     Well, it doesn’t actually impact my blog readers as I don’t think I have many Irish followers who are also snail mail enthusiasts (although if you are one, let me know!), but I am an Irish girl who loves sending mail so this impacts me – An Post have recently increased their stamp prices…drastically!

      So, when I first started sending out mail back in 2015, a national letter or postcard (under 100g) cost €0.68 and an international letter cost €1. Then, it increase to €0.70  and €1.05 in either June or July 2015. A year after that in 2016, the price went up again by another 2c for national letters and 5c for international letters. I was expecting the price to increase again this year over the summer by the same amount but that was not to be the case. They…

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