The Silver and Gold of Wedding Trends, Traditions

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I’ve been replying to a lot of Public Relations (PR) requests on (HARO) Help A Reporter Out for my shop, Affordable Coin Shop.  Please feel free to comment, reply and post your own responses. Linda DiProperzio of SheFinds was looking for…

Looking for wedding planners and other professionals to share what wedding trends popular in 2014 are on the way out, and which trends will be big for 2015.

My name is Jessica Greenhood. I was co-owner with my parents of Affordable Coin Shop a small family owned business that now operates extensively online. I’ve been in the coin hobby for about a decade.

I know I am not a wedding planner, but every spring our shop would be flooded with requests for silver 6 pence. Many brides and their families like to mix a bit of tradition into their weddings. Although the silver sixpence is a tradition from Great Brittan it is not the only coin related tradition out there. Spain, Lithuania, and even Sweden have similar trends of coins incorporated into the wedding rituals.

My favorite although it may seem a bit sexist is the Arras (13) Coin ceremony which demonstrates the promise of taking care of each other.

Hispanic Wedding Tradition: Wedding Coins (Arras)

Here are some articles by Linda DiProperzio on Weddings
Wedding Trends: What’s Out and What’s In


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