12 Mobile #Apps That Will Help You Earn Extra #Money @thepennyhoarder @oldsouthmk

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Back in April, I wrote a post on savings apps. Since then I discovered a few new ones, but not enough to create another posting till now. Call it cheating but. I do not believe in wasting time restating what someone else has so eloquently worked out a great post on apps that not only can save you money but help you earn it. The Penny Hoarder has tons of great articles, but this one is a perfect follow up to my post with only 1 app I talked about being re-mentioned.

12 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Earn Extra Money · The Penny Hoarder.

I do however want to add a few new tips that were not mentioned in either article…..

Viggle – Viggle is a neat app you can download that gives you rewards for watching live TV shows. This app can not be used with On Demand or DVR’d shows.

eBay – Although they do have an app, I felt this was worth mentioning as towards savings. Did you know you can buy coupons on eBay? Seller’s are limited to how many they can sell per a month but if you are looking for additional coupons on a product and don’t want to buy 20 newspapers here’s a great way to do so.

The Happy Couponer – Although this site doesn’t have an app it is also worth mentioning. The site is a bit crude, but you can buy additional coupons here as well.


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