Its Off to the #Coinshow We Go! (2/2011) @oldsouthmk

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At this time, the Ocala Coin show is the only coin show we do. It occurs the first full weekend in February in Ocala, Florida. Those who know me relatively well know I’m a huge SciFi fan. My husband, however, is a Star Wars ‘Fanatic’. So we have 2 Astromech Robots. I will always bring R7-C1 to any show I do, and I do have plans to do more in the future.

One of the things I like the most about coin collecting is that there are no limits to how or what you want to collect.      There are coins even for the SciFi fanatics. Truth be told no matter what your fandom is there is a coin out there for you. Into nature and wildlife? The Royal Canadian Mint has for decades made gorgeous coins of wild animals such as wolves, birds, and bugs. Not a fan of the outdoors? Pobjoy Mint has a variety as well, Sports, History, Transportation and more.Still not satisfied? Perth Mint offers Greek Mythology, Disney, Dr. Who and more… New Zealand’s mint is also in on the action of beautiful and creative coins, Zodiac, Anne Geddes, Transformers and even Star Wars!

Key is if there’s something you’re looking for and you don’t know where to find it just ask and I will find it for you!

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