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So my sister recently got a tablet and one of the cool things about Tablets and smartphones is the cool apps that one can download to save money or earn rewards. There literally are apps for everything from walking your dog to watching TV.  You’re in luck this is not going to be about all those different apps. One of the things I found most hobby enthusiasts, especially coin collectors, is they like to save money. They don’t step over dollars to pick up dimes, but they do love to save every cent they can so they can spend it on their hobby. So this app is to help.

  • Savings Star: Many stores that people shop at on a regular basis have discount cards. Some of these stores like Kroger, Hy-Vee, Winn-Dixie and more. Did you know that when you sign up with Saving Star, you can add digital coupons to your card and save on the products you already buy? (You can use this on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone)
  • Key Ring App: Today every store out there practically has a discount card, after a while they can become overwhelming and take over your key chain & wallet. Since we all already carry our smartphones with us why not just have all your cards on there instead. The other cool thing about this app is you have instant access to digital savings. (You can use this app on tablets but unless you’re taking your tablet with you, a smartphone is the better bet for this app.)
    • One example is Best Buy.  Just click on it while you’re in the store & you not only have the card ready but access to weekly specials and any digital coupons.
  • You’re preferred Grocery store. Many stores like Publix and Winn-Dixie have apps where you can view their weekly flyer as well as choose digital coupons. (This can be done normally online from your PC as well as on your smartphone or tablet)
    • I use Publix’s app which will allow you to pick and choose the digital coupons you want to apply. With Publix, you just enter your phone number and they are applied. Each store may do this differently.
  • Checkout 51: This is a really neat app. When you’re done buying groceries this app allows you to take photos of your receipt, upload them and select the refund offers that apply.  (This can be used on a tablet as well as a smartphone.)
  • Ibotta: This app is just like Checkout 51. The only difference is it is store specific. They are working on adding more stores. One thing Ibotta has that Checkout 51 doesn’t is you can get refunds from restaurants, movie theaters, Baby & kid stores, pet stores and even home improvement stores like Lowe’s. (This can be used on a tablet as well as a smartphone.)
  • Belly: This is a loyalty program but it’s only usable in select cities.
  • Cellfire: is like Savings Star. So this can also be done on the PC and doesn’t have to be downloaded on a tablet or Smartphone. This also only works with select grocery stores but costs nothing to sign up for.
  • GasBuddy: I absolutely love this app more than anything. This one app has saved me tons of money. You can use the website which is what I originally did till I got a smartphone.  The gas prices are entered by other users. This allows you see gas prices near your location. Also when you enter the gas prices of stations you get points. These points can be used to enter into a $250 in a free gas giveaway that is drawn weekly.


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  2. key ring is great, esp. with all the cards I have. Also, thanks for visiting my sandwich blog!

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