How To Find Out What Something Is #Research @oldsouthmk

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Although I am most familiar with coins, due to my personal lack of experience with stamps & currency, I’ve learned the art of researching. In all honesty, I don’t mind doing the research. I find it a lot of fun. The sad thing is sometimes the question can be overwhelming when one has a lot of items they want information on. I’ve not seen anything really helpful on how to look up details about an item.  I had to devise my own system. It’s not perfect but the first time I used Google’s smartphone app, Google Goggles, I learned to save myself months of time on doing research. Some items do not work with the techniques I’m going to show you but you’d be amazed at how much time you’ll save. Oh & if you don’t have a smartphone that handles Google Goggles don’t worry. You can do this from your PC.

So what sparked the writing of this post was a question asked on our Twitter Feed, oldsouthmk. Londoner asked, “Hi, do you recognize this stamp?” Now granted I recognized the image of Elizabeth II & new it was a United Kingdom stamp because of the 2 ½ pence but beyond that, I had no other information but this person’s picture.

Queen Elizabeth II

Now I’ll be honest. I don’t know if the fact that their image was rotated would matter but I decided to not take a chance. The coding for researching images is not perfect so I saved & edited it with a free picture editing software called Gimp. Not only did I crop the image but rotated it. The image searching software will first use any words or other colors to find other similar images. So reducing the image down to what I wanted to search aids in a less diluted response. By the way, if you use Google Goggles you can crop the image & rotate it there.

Once I was done with editing the image I went to Google’s image search. The cool thing is you can drag & drop images right from your computer no uploading necessary. Also if you see an image on the internet you can right click & hold the image, then drag & drop it into the search. (Go ahead & do it with my edited image on the right!)

After a couple of clicks, I was able to get enough information about the stamp to find out the year & even if any had sold online recently & for how much.

All in all, it probably took me about 20 min but I was glad to help. Hmm, so what question can I answer next? Oh and if my instructions are not clear enough do let me know!

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